How I work:

I offer divinations through the ancient practice of bone throwing. These readings assist you to make sense of your life and path in the past, present and future. Bone throwing as a divination method, is a means to give clarity and insight with the help of Divine and Ancestral Will.

Is it like fortune telling?

It is not fortune telling, although the bones may reveal the unknown – they often do. The divination process also brings messages of love, support, guidance and warning from the spirit world, either from your higher Self or amaDlozi (spirit guides).

Do the bones take questions?

Yes, you are able to ask questions directly and the bones will show and answer, granted of course that you are permitted to know and you don’t ask a silly question.

It is possible to have a divination for someone who is not present or no longer living in the physical world. This of course depends on the relationship you have with that person, and whether you are permitted to know about them.

Is it evil?

There is nothing sinister or dark about divinations and the methods I use.

The whole family, including infants and children, can safely attend them.


I resume consultations in February 2016. You can book in advance with the button below.

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About Ubungoma

Ubungoma is the ancient practice of ukubhula or ukuhlola - divination

ukubona - clairvouyance

ukulapha - spiritual and medicinal healing

iSangoma is a diviner, healer and spirit medium that has been initiated into ubungoma through the process of ukuthwasa.

iSangoma plays the role of a healer, advisor, and counselor within their community. The role of iSangoma is also to mediate and intercede between the physical and spiritual dimensions.

Izangoma exist in probably every culture on the continent. There may also be more than one word for izangoma in a language, if there is a distinction in the methods, practice or initiation. Here are some of the rightful names, in a few languages:

iSangoma - isiZulu and Kalanga,

N’anga - Shona,

Igqirha - isiXhosa,

Maine - Tshivenda,

Ngaka - seTswana, sePedi and seSotho.

Guidance. Penda. Ashe.

Guidance: Faith. Fate. God-whispers. Intuition

Penda: Love (Swahili) Life Affirming. Thanks Giving. Spirit Supporting.

Ashe: Divine Energy and Will. The power to make things happen. Force of Life. Blessing.