iThonga 101:
An introduction to amaDlozi
30 August 2014

This talk will answer the questions you have about:

Connecting with amaDlozi and understanding their role;

Establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with amaDlozi;

How to use impepho and prayer candles.

Spirit and Sex
Myths Debunked
Spirit Ties

Talk Details
Date: 30 August 2014

Time: 10:30 - 13:30

Venue: Nice, in Parkhurst (37 4th Ave, corner 14th Street Parkhurst Joburg)

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Refreshments included.

R300 per person.

A free impepho tincture and impepho bunch if you book for yourself and a friend.

Student discount - R250 per person or R450 for two.

Booking Deadline: 18 August 2014